It Takes a Village

It takes a village!
I am so thankful for everyone’s help, advice, expertise, generosity and work for me and Rescued from Recycling.

Over this past year you all have helped us to:

Thanks to you we now have:

  • a Facebook page with over 300 fans
  • a sweet website
  • an email list with over 170 names
  • a handsome logo
  • and many, many new friends for Richard. I have also been so fortunate to meet and befriend Richard’s delightful sister Cathie and husband Ralph.

I especially want to thank Carin, PJ, Amy, Jim, Joe, Chela, Ahmed, Billy, Mike and Denny and most especially my number one fan and right hand man, Jon. I love you all and please keep spreading the word – there is so much more treasure to unpack, appraise, share and pass on to the people of the future!
Keep Richard in your hearts.

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