Paths of Our Lives

Sometimes at Rescued from Recycling we find enough material and photographs from one family to do some research and hopefully return the collection to the family. Today I started researching a collection I have been really fond of for months.


What I found out was this little boy who was born in 1945, attended a regular high school and then after some upset went to a “continuation high school” which was an “alternative means for students to receive their high school diploma…students receive guidance and career counseling” finishing a year late. He went in the Army in 1965 (likely drafted to Vietnam) After I discovered that he was working for an uncle at Hughes Aircraft in 1970, I couldn’t find out anything else other than a divorce in 1978. He shows up again in another state in the ’80’s as the defendant in court for a civil complaint from a woman, again for possession/selling of a controlled substance, for four traffic infractions, one charge of auto negligence (when a person fails to operate their motor vehicle in a reasonably safe manner), another divorce and a complaint from a neighbor.

I really wonder about the paths of our lives. What happened and what could have happened?

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