Richard Monteith Bagley

March 30, 1941 – February 16, 2017

Our friend Richard passed peacefully into his eternal rest in the early morning. He had been in treatment for lymphoma since March, 2016. He had the eye of an artist, the mind of an historian and the tender open heart of a philanthropist.
In his collection of books, photographs, photographic albums and historic ephemera was found this improvised consecutive discourse prompted by spirit guides by Emma Hardinge Britten (1823-1899) an early founder of the Modern Spiritualist Movement:

“A drop from the infinite ocean, a ray from the infinite light,
One thought from God eternal, one impulse of his love and might,
Held by the love of the Father in His circling arm’s embrace,
One grain of sand on the wide-spread land, is a soul in this human race.
It cannot fall from his being, it never can die from sight,
For His soul is ever in it, and eternity is His light.”

One thought on “Richard Monteith Bagley

  1. Heartbreaking to hear of Richard’s passing; we were Army buddies at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma in the early sixties. He taught me most everything I know about classical guitar. Flamenco music was his passion; playing such difficult and traditional pieces….his Tarantas was the best I’ve ever heard and played in the old barracks when the soldiers were in town celebrating their freedoms, we enjoyed the solitude and companionship of sharing self played music.

    Richard was always frustrated by his fingernails being very fragile and thin otherwise may have become a prominent and dynamic master of guitar; his gift was extraordinary and those of privilege to have heard him play must certainly remember the occasion.

    He was a very talented artist; I have the print block of his Joan d Arc and the Beggar. It is stunning in its simplicity and gravity of moment. He gave it to me at his gallery showing near Santa Ana c. 1967.

    I just now read of his death and have many words, photos and correspondence to share. I now have to go; reflect.

    Jeff Ball


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