Paths of Our Lives

Sometimes at Rescued from Recycling we find enough material and photographs from one family to do some research and hopefully return the collection to the family. Today I started researching a collection I have been really fond of for months. What I found out was this little boy who was born in 1945, attended a … More Paths of Our Lives

It Takes a Village

It takes a village! I am so thankful for everyone’s help, advice, expertise, generosity and work for me and Rescued from Recycling. Over this past year you all have helped us to: Make 31 eBay sales Go to or hold 12 public sales and swap meets Get 21 donations to GoFundMe  Thanks to you we … More It Takes a Village

Another Small World Story, Another Treasure Finds a Home

During Katherine’s time living on the Gulf Coast in Mississippi, she made several dear friends. When she came across a brochure c. 1946 from Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi, she wanted to share it with one of those friends. The following is an excerpt of a conversation they had over FaceBook that resulted in a very special home for a very special piece from Richard’s collection. … More Another Small World Story, Another Treasure Finds a Home

“Yours in Lionism” – Lion’s Club, Seal Beach

We recently dropped off this scrap book with the current Lion’s Club in Seal Beach, and while we haven’t heard back from them yet, we think it’s still worth sharing. The Lions Club main organization was founded in Chicago, back in 1917, by Melvin Jones, a Chicago Businessman, as a secular entity dedicated to applying the … More “Yours in Lionism” – Lion’s Club, Seal Beach